Looking toward our quarterly meeting Sunday, April 17


In 2015, we did yeoman service by holding six meetings for business – often long or difficult ones, too.  This year, our participation may be less burdensome – and there’s always the opportunity for the joy of community when we gather.

Please plan to attend at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse, with worship at 11, potluck lunch at noon, and meeting for business at 1:00 p.m.  Our annual Corporation meeting, with ratification of two new Trustees expected, will be at 2:00.  There will be childcare and kids’ activities.  There will not be a very burdensome agenda, but we’ll hear some good news and we’ll decide some issues about our communal life as Quakers in NYC.

Shortly, I’m hoping this website will let me post what we’ll be considering:  Roster of our Committees, showing the current nominees for service; Annual report of our Trustees; Report on our Audit; interim progress report on the Friends Seminary redevelopment and the completion of its separate incorporation as agreed; and the glowing reports from the clerks of our six very different constituent Meetings:     .

And, check here again, as the weekend gets underway, as more reports and details appear!

- Andy von Salis, clerk, NYQM