Resolution of our Friends Seminary relationship


We have come to the end of a 10-15 year process in which citywide Quakers determined our best relationship with Friends Seminary for the long-term future.  We concluded at our special interim meeting on December 6 that the Seminary will be a separate corporation – one wedded to “Essential Principles” that ensure it remains a Friends school with interrelationship to our Quarterly Meeting.

The Seminary will operate much as before, but will make its own decisions.  The new corporation and the existing Quarterly Meeting will handle property ownership and space use for at least the next 100 years, as governed by a voluminous “deal sheet.”  A summary of that, and the approved Essential Principles, are just as posted via links on this webpage December 5th.  The closing of the legal paperwork governing these changes will probably come in six months, but the deal sheet includes clauses providing that the Seminary may begin now to make its property-use plans and commitments accordingly.

For the minutes of our December 6th meeting, click here.

Our next regular quarterly meeting will be held on January 24, 2016 at Brooklyn meetinghouse.  Save the date, plan to bring food, and prepare to consider our programs and their budgetary needs for 2016!

- Andy von Salis, clerk