Meeting for Business Dec.6: Agenda Documents


As we meet tomorrow (Sunday, December 6th, 1:00 p.m., at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse), here are the documents we will consider:

A one-page summary of all the major terms in the lengthy “Deal Sheet” that our Trustees and Seminary Committee agreed to early Friday evening, which are recommended for our approval, and

A nine-page statement of the Essential Principles, Practices and Procedures to govern the new, separate Friends Seminary corporation that our Relationships Committee recommends we approve also.

The work of these three committees was allocated and coordinated that way.  Their documents are designed to work together, and are both acceptable to all three committees.  Please download, print and bring copies of these with you to the meeting!  Each will be introduced and briefly explained by the respective committees, the language used can be interpreted as may be needed (for example, real-estate terms, and geography such as “the Central Building”), and – as was done at an Information Session last night – questions can be answered and concerns heard.

- Andy von Salis, clerk, NYQM