New York Quarterly Meeting Email System

New York Quarterly Meeting Email System: Mail Manager

New York Quarterly Meeting Email System

This provides an online system for NYQM Friends to add, review and edit their email and snail-mail contact information. We would like it to be a central, comprehensive list of all NYQM Friends.

This information is not shared with anyone (ever). It is kept strictly confidential.

You can remove yourself from the email list at any time, although Friends are encouraged to maintain accurate physical mailing list address information and phone numbers so the Quarterly Meeting can inform them of important events.

for more information contact:
New York Quarterly Meeting at 212-777-8866

Friends may submit notices they would like sent out to the email list. Notices are reviewed and normally batched together to keep the email volume lower, although time sensitive or urgent messages can be sent individually as soon as they are reviewed and approved.

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