Agenda and Reports for our meeting Sept. 27

Here is the:  agenda  for the called meeting of NYQM on Sunday, Sept. 27th at the Fifteenth Street meetinghouse.

The written reports for the meeting will include:

Report of our Trustees

Letter from our appointees to the Friends Seminary Committee

[Note:  You may have to return to this page when the documents to these links are available, and the Minutes of our July meeting are posted.]

Friends are encouraged to worship together at 11:00 a.m.  Note that the meeting begins at 1:00 p.m. following a potluck lunch at noon – and we hope for good weather to dine in a sunny yard!  Please bring dishes to share that need not be reheated.  There will be childcare, morning and afternoon.

We hope to see you all for a day of community, fun and advancing Friends’ truth!

Andy von Salis,  clerk, NYQM

Called meeting – a bit of update


Our special meeting for business, called for Sunday afternoon September 27th, will take place at 1:00 pm – with a target completion time of 3:30 pm – at the Fifteenth Street meetinghouse.

Fifteenth Street Meeting created a host committee this past weekend, so I do expect further information that I can post here soon about our lunch and childcare arrangements.  The initial signs are that we’ll be welcomed with most if not all of the conveniences that Fifteenth Street offers us at our regular meetings there.  I’m gratefully looking forward to it!

The purpose of the meeting is, of course, unchanged.  As to the agenda, I still do not yet have reports from any of the groups working on the issues before us, updating or refining their proposals and recommendations to us.  But I do expect to receive one or more, and I will post them here.  Check often!

- Andy von Salis  (clerk, NYQM)


Announcement: CALLED MEETING in late September!

Friends,                                                       [posted Aug. 24; slightly revised, Sept. 1 2015]

As directed by a Minute of our July 2015 quarterly meeting, I am now calling a meeting for business of the Quarterly Meeting, to be held Sunday afternoon, September 27, at the Fifteenth Street meetinghouse.  The purpose is:  consideration of updated proposals for the separate incorporation and/or Redevelopment project of Friends Seminary.  (Our previously scheduled October quarterly meeting will also be held as usual, on October 25 at Morningside Meeting.)

It seems that this website now, once again, allows for posting of new material.  So, check here for updates and details!  There should be more about lunch, childcare, and a more specific agenda here soon.

- Andy von Salis, clerk, NYQM

Quarterly Meeting’s inclusiveness: Notice to Friends


As the Minutes of our April meeting show, deep concern has been expressed that our smaller meetings – and anyone else feeling excluded from full consideration to be nominated for appointment to our Quarterly Meeting committees – should be better included in our work.

Accordingly, the acting clerk of our Nominating Committee has provided Friends with this informational Notice (click here) as to what we all need to do to make this improvement happen.  Most importantly, all Friends need to encourage their monthly meeting to appoint at least one member of their Meeting to the Quarterly Meeting’s Nominating Committee (which is composed entirely of the Friends named by each Meeting).  Friends are encouraged to make their own Meeting aware of any appointees who could do this work.  The Notice gives additional details and help, and descriptions of the QM Committees (including the Nominating Committee itself) are in our Handbook, which you can also get by clicking the link at the top right section of this homepage.

   Please look to see what you can do, and contribute your voice!

- Andy von Salis (clerk, NYQM)

CALENDAR of all our 2015-16 quarterly meetings


We decided at our quarterly meeting for business on April 19th when we will meet again.  Please mark your calendars (or, as the case may be, twiddle your Devices) to include the following dates:

Saturday, July 18, 2015, at Friends Cemetery or, in case of rain, Brooklyn meetinghouse
Sunday, October 25, 2015, at Morningside Meeting
Sunday, January 24, 2016, at Brooklyn meetinghouse
Sunday, April 17, 2016, at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse

Each meeting for business will begin at 1:00 pm; the April 2016 meeting will include the annual meeting of our Corporation at 2:00 pm.  Each meeting will be preceded by worship at 11 and potluck lunch at noon.  Let’s count on days of companionship, community, Light, food and fun!

- Andy von Salis (clerk, NYQM)

Final agenda for Sunday April 19


Here is the finalized


for our quarterly meeting for business tomorrow!  Be sure to see the following (prior) posts to look at what the agenda items will consist of, and what else Fifteenth Street Meeting offers us to make it a rewarding morning, lunch and afternoon … and, what else you can bring!

– Andy von Salis (clerk, NYQM)

Reports on our Agenda matters, for Sunday the 19th


As always, it expedites our business meetings when Friends familiarize themselves in advance with what’ll be considered.

On Sunday, April 19th, the updated Agenda includes matters that are presented in the following reports.  We now have many more of the reports, so below are live links for more of them (and you can check back the evening before the meeting for possibly even more).  Click on them to see them (in pdf):

Reports of our six local Meetings:  Brooklyn, Fifteenth Street, Flushing, Manhattan, Morningside and Staten Island

Annual Report of the Nominating Committee; Annual reports from our Housing Committee and our Friends In The City group

Periodic report of our ad hoc Committee on the Relationship between the Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary; Concern from the Handbook Revision Coordinator regarding our Governance Committee; Audit & Budget Committee’s proposal to renovate restrooms at Fifteenth Street; interim Redevelopment Proposal and Fact Sheet from our Friends Seminary Committee; full Annual Report of the Trustees and their separate Epistle to us; Concern from the Nominating Committee regarding our Conflict of Interest policy; and a group’s call for a specially-called meeting of the NYQM to address issues of Property and process at Rutherford Place

For the proposed Nominations for service as committee members, QM officers and representatives, see the previous post next below.

Please read in a receptive spirit – of course we’ll wait until our meeting is gathered in the Light to begin to discern our way forward in handling these matters.  I’ll see you Sunday!

- Andy von Salis  (Clerk, NYQM)


Meeting Agenda, Committee Roster & proposed Nominations

Friends, we now have an agenda for our quarterly meeting on April 19th, including the annual meeting of our Corporation membership (that’s all of you!).  Our meeting will be held at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse at 1pm that Sunday.

And the roster is updated, showing all of NYQM’s appointees to service on our Committees and as our officers, or to represent us in bodies beyond our City.  In the left column of that roster are the latest Nominations to be considered at the meeting.

Click the following to see:

the latest revised Roster and Nominations (as of April 15), and

the proposed Agenda for the meeting (as of April 15), including consideration of some important ideas.   [More documents will be linked to this agenda as they are finalized, so re-check here again!]

– And, mark your calendar to attend 11am worship, bring potluck lunch, and join in doing our community’s quarterly and Annual Meeting business on April 19th!  All are welcome.  Fellowship, Friends and childcare will be there for you … let’s all enjoy them together.

- Andy  von Salis, clerk, NYQM

Winter 2015 news

Things are happening with Friends in New York City!

Click here for the Minutes of our quarterly meeting held January 18th, when we heard a lot of news about our budget and programs, and made some new decisions.

In the previous post (below), there are links to some of the reports we heard, including some links that are only now becoming “live” because the reports were not available in advance.

Also, save the date for our next meeting, April 19th, to be held at 1:00 p.m. at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse in Manhattan.  (That date was prescribed by our By-laws.  And every April, we finalize all our meeting dates for the coming 12 months.)

And let’s visit each other from time to time!  Our Yearly Meeting has an initiative to keep a log of all visits made among any of its local Meetings, and it’s quick and easy for anyone to note each meeting for worship you attend at other Meetings than your own.   Look here for the flyer (pdf) explaining the project, or simply go to and you can see the visits your Meeting’s Friends have made, and the visits you’ve received.

Finally, we have a member who’s building the replacement for this very NYQM website, and she has a liaison person who reported to us in January.  He writes to “point Friends to the new Morningside site as an exemplar of what the QM site could look like, when she soon completes its installation onto the QM web server, moving it from her development server where you can see what it looks like at .

Please, Friends, take a look at that, and contribute your ideas as to what content you want the Quarterly Meeting’s own version to include when it’s installed to this very Web location!  Each of our Meetings and Committees will have room on the new QM website,  and are welcome to collect the ideas and submit them to me, the Clerk.

Thank you!  And, see you on April 19.

- Andy  von Salis

(clerk, NYQM)