Called meeting – a bit of update


Our special meeting for business, called for Sunday afternoon September 27th, will take place at 1:00 pm – with a target completion time of 3:30 pm – at the Fifteenth Street meetinghouse.

Fifteenth Street Meeting created a host committee this past weekend, so I do expect further information that I can post here soon about our lunch and childcare arrangements.  The initial signs are that we’ll be welcomed with most if not all of the conveniences that Fifteenth Street offers us at our regular meetings there.  I’m gratefully looking forward to it!

The purpose of the meeting is, of course, unchanged.  As to the agenda, I still do not yet have reports from any of the groups working on the issues before us, updating or refining their proposals and recommendations to us.  But I do expect to receive one or more, and I will post them here.  Check often!

- Andy von Salis  (clerk, NYQM)