Announcement: CALLED MEETING in late September!

Friends,                                                       [posted Aug. 24; slightly revised, Sept. 1 2015]

As directed by a Minute of our July 2015 quarterly meeting, I am now calling a meeting for business of the Quarterly Meeting, to be held Sunday afternoon, September 27, at the Fifteenth Street meetinghouse.  The purpose is:  consideration of updated proposals for the separate incorporation and/or Redevelopment project of Friends Seminary.  (Our previously scheduled October quarterly meeting will also be held as usual, on October 25 at Morningside Meeting.)

It seems that this website now, once again, allows for posting of new material.  So, check here for updates and details!  There should be more about lunch, childcare, and a more specific agenda here soon.

- Andy von Salis, clerk, NYQM