Quarterly Meeting’s inclusiveness: Notice to Friends


As the Minutes of our April meeting show, deep concern has been expressed that our smaller meetings – and anyone else feeling excluded from full consideration to be nominated for appointment to our Quarterly Meeting committees – should be better included in our work.

Accordingly, the acting clerk of our Nominating Committee has provided Friends with this informational Notice (click here) as to what we all need to do to make this improvement happen.  Most importantly, all Friends need to encourage their monthly meeting to appoint at least one member of their Meeting to the Quarterly Meeting’s Nominating Committee (which is composed entirely of the Friends named by each Meeting).  Friends are encouraged to make their own Meeting aware of any appointees who could do this work.  The Notice gives additional details and help, and descriptions of the QM Committees (including the Nominating Committee itself) are in our Handbook, which you can also get by clicking the link at the top right section of this NYQM.org homepage.

   Please look to see what you can do, and contribute your voice!

- Andy von Salis (clerk, NYQM)