Reports on our Agenda matters, for Sunday the 19th


As always, it expedites our business meetings when Friends familiarize themselves in advance with what’ll be considered.

On Sunday, April 19th, the updated Agenda includes matters that are presented in the following reports.  We now have many more of the reports, so below are live links for more of them (and you can check back the evening before the meeting for possibly even more).  Click on them to see them (in pdf):

Reports of our six local Meetings:  Brooklyn, Fifteenth Street, Flushing, Manhattan, Morningside and Staten Island

Annual Report of the Nominating Committee; Annual reports from our Housing Committee and our Friends In The City group

Periodic report of our ad hoc Committee on the Relationship between the Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary; Concern from the Handbook Revision Coordinator regarding our Governance Committee; Audit & Budget Committee’s proposal to renovate restrooms at Fifteenth Street; interim Redevelopment Proposal and Fact Sheet from our Friends Seminary Committee; full Annual Report of the Trustees and their separate Epistle to us; Concern from the Nominating Committee regarding our Conflict of Interest policy; and a group’s call for a specially-called meeting of the NYQM to address issues of Property and process at Rutherford Place

For the proposed Nominations for service as committee members, QM officers and representatives, see the previous post next below.

Please read in a receptive spirit – of course we’ll wait until our meeting is gathered in the Light to begin to discern our way forward in handling these matters.  I’ll see you Sunday!

- Andy von Salis  (Clerk, NYQM)