Winter 2015 news

Things are happening with Friends in New York City!

Click here for the Minutes of our quarterly meeting held January 18th, when we heard a lot of news about our budget and programs, and made some new decisions.

In the previous post (below), there are links to some of the reports we heard, including some links that are only now becoming “live” because the reports were not available in advance.

Also, save the date for our next meeting, April 19th, to be held at 1:00 p.m. at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse in Manhattan.  (That date was prescribed by our By-laws.  And every April, we finalize all our meeting dates for the coming 12 months.)

And let’s visit each other from time to time!  Our Yearly Meeting has an initiative to keep a log of all visits made among any of its local Meetings, and it’s quick and easy for anyone to note each meeting for worship you attend at other Meetings than your own.   Look here for the flyer (pdf) explaining the project, or simply go to and you can see the visits your Meeting’s Friends have made, and the visits you’ve received.

Finally, we have a member who’s building the replacement for this very NYQM website, and she has a liaison person who reported to us in January.  He writes to “point Friends to the new Morningside site as an exemplar of what the QM site could look like, when she soon completes its installation onto the QM web server, moving it from her development server where you can see what it looks like at .

Please, Friends, take a look at that, and contribute your ideas as to what content you want the Quarterly Meeting’s own version to include when it’s installed to this very Web location!  Each of our Meetings and Committees will have room on the new QM website,  and are welcome to collect the ideas and submit them to me, the Clerk.

Thank you!  And, see you on April 19.

- Andy  von Salis

(clerk, NYQM)