Final agenda for Sunday April 19


Here is the finalized


for our quarterly meeting for business tomorrow!  Be sure to see the following (prior) posts to look at what the agenda items will consist of, and what else Fifteenth Street Meeting offers us to make it a rewarding morning, lunch and afternoon … and, what else you can bring!

– Andy von Salis (clerk, NYQM)

Reports on our Agenda matters, for Sunday the 19th


As always, it expedites our business meetings when Friends familiarize themselves in advance with what’ll be considered.

On Sunday, April 19th, the updated Agenda includes matters that are presented in the following reports.  We now have many more of the reports, so below are live links for more of them (and you can check back the evening before the meeting for possibly even more).  Click on them to see them (in pdf):

Reports of our six local Meetings:  Brooklyn, Fifteenth Street, Flushing, Manhattan, Morningside and Staten Island

Annual Report of the Nominating Committee; Annual reports from our Housing Committee and our Friends In The City group

Periodic report of our ad hoc Committee on the Relationship between the Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary; Concern from the Handbook Revision Coordinator regarding our Governance Committee; Audit & Budget Committee’s proposal to renovate restrooms at Fifteenth Street; interim Redevelopment Proposal and Fact Sheet from our Friends Seminary Committee; full Annual Report of the Trustees and their separate Epistle to us; Concern from the Nominating Committee regarding our Conflict of Interest policy; and a group’s call for a specially-called meeting of the NYQM to address issues of Property and process at Rutherford Place

For the proposed Nominations for service as committee members, QM officers and representatives, see the previous post next below.

Please read in a receptive spirit – of course we’ll wait until our meeting is gathered in the Light to begin to discern our way forward in handling these matters.  I’ll see you Sunday!

- Andy von Salis  (Clerk, NYQM)


Meeting Agenda, Committee Roster & proposed Nominations

Friends, we now have an agenda for our quarterly meeting on April 19th, including the annual meeting of our Corporation membership (that’s all of you!).  Our meeting will be held at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse at 1pm that Sunday.

And the roster is updated, showing all of NYQM’s appointees to service on our Committees and as our officers, or to represent us in bodies beyond our City.  In the left column of that roster are the latest Nominations to be considered at the meeting.

Click the following to see:

the latest revised Roster and Nominations (as of April 15), and

the proposed Agenda for the meeting (as of April 15), including consideration of some important ideas.   [More documents will be linked to this agenda as they are finalized, so re-check here again!]

– And, mark your calendar to attend 11am worship, bring potluck lunch, and join in doing our community’s quarterly and Annual Meeting business on April 19th!  All are welcome.  Fellowship, Friends and childcare will be there for you … let’s all enjoy them together.

- Andy  von Salis, clerk, NYQM

Winter 2015 news

Things are happening with Friends in New York City!

Click here for the Minutes of our quarterly meeting held January 18th, when we heard a lot of news about our budget and programs, and made some new decisions.

In the previous post (below), there are links to some of the reports we heard, including some links that are only now becoming “live” because the reports were not available in advance.

Also, save the date for our next meeting, April 19th, to be held at 1:00 p.m. at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse in Manhattan.  (That date was prescribed by our By-laws.  And every April, we finalize all our meeting dates for the coming 12 months.)

And let’s visit each other from time to time!  Our Yearly Meeting has an initiative to keep a log of all visits made among any of its local Meetings, and it’s quick and easy for anyone to note each meeting for worship you attend at other Meetings than your own.   Look here for the flyer (pdf) explaining the project, or simply go to and you can see the visits your Meeting’s Friends have made, and the visits you’ve received.

Finally, we have a member who’s building the replacement for this very NYQM website, and she has a liaison person who reported to us in January.  He writes to “point Friends to the new Morningside site as an exemplar of what the QM site could look like, when she soon completes its installation onto the QM web server, moving it from her development server where you can see what it looks like at .

Please, Friends, take a look at that, and contribute your ideas as to what content you want the Quarterly Meeting’s own version to include when it’s installed to this very Web location!  Each of our Meetings and Committees will have room on the new QM website,  and are welcome to collect the ideas and submit them to me, the Clerk.

Thank you!  And, see you on April 19.

- Andy  von Salis

(clerk, NYQM)





Quarterly Meeting happens January 18th!

Friends, Quarterly Meeting is upon us!

The subways are running normally this weekend through downtown Brooklyn, where our Quaker meetinghouse on Schermerhorn Street is waiting to host you. Please come on Sunday, January 18!

There will be worship (and First-Day School and childcare) at 11, potluck lunch at noon (bring what you can – there will probably be hot soup and surely hot beverages), and meeting for business at 1:00.

Our plans for the meeting include plenty of time to appreciate who we are, and plenty of time to turn to an agenda that includes widely various good works, as well as our annual budget to support them.

Click on these links to see more (pdf) about any of the things before us:

News from our six very different local Meetings – Staten Island, Morningside, Manhattan, Flushing, Fifteenth Street, and Brooklyn (draft).

The annual report of our Relief Committee.

The report of our Audit & Budget Committee, with their proposed 2015 Budget (sized for legal/14″ paper)

A couple of nominations of Friends for appointment to the committees that do our work.

An interim report for our information from Friends Seminary, which has some big plans.

A periodic report from our Committee on the relationships among Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary.

A report from our ad hoc group on our relationship with Friends House at Rosehill.

A minute for our consideration from Brooklyn Meeting’s Peace & Social Action Committee about divestment of fossil-fuel enterprises from the QM’s investment funds.

[More documents will be linked to this agenda as they are finalized, so check back to see.]

I look forward to seeing you at Brooklyn this Sunday, Friends!

- Andy von Salis, Clerk, NYQM



Your advance Agenda and Reports for Oct. 26


The current Agenda for our Quarterly Meeting for business on October 26 is here.

You’ll see that it has lots of interesting and even joyous stuff to hear … and a couple of useful things to decide … but very little stuff that seems to need much discussion.  From that first impression, you never know where the Spirit will lead us – after all, a lot of inspiring things are happening.

Here are the ones we have so far:  Reports from our Meetings – Staten Island, Morningside, Manhattan, Flushing, Fifteenth Street and Brooklyn; our Ministry & Counsel Committee’s proposed intervisitation plan; Nominations for our action; Brooklyn’s proposal on our buildings’ electricity sourcing; and our readiness – and needs you can consider filling – for hosting Yearly Meeting sessions next month.  Our ad hoc “Relationship” committee reports on the status among Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary.  And here’s Friends Seminary’s annual report, and here’s Brooklyn Friends School’s 4-page annual report (with 17 pages of addenda: brochure for parents on Quakerism; report of African education support).

More will be added to this list through Friday, October 24th, as they come in, so check back here to see them!  Any last-minute subway or other alerts may also be posted here.

I hope to see many of you at Flushing on the big Sunday!  See the next post below for a link to details about the meetinghouse there.

- Andy von Salis,  Clerk, NYQM


Our Fall Quarterly Meeting is October 26!


We meet at the lovely and historic Flushing Meetinghouse – just a couple of blocks from the subway and from the BQE – for our Fall worship, lunch, socializing and business.  There’s joyful stuff on the agenda, as our three Friends Schools will all be reporting big successes and plans, and our other Committees have been active.  There’s First Day School and childcare, so bring lunch for our potluck and kids for some lively activity.

Please re-visit this space in the coming days for an Agenda, some posted reports for your advance review, and any Friday updates on transit or travel.

Meanwhile, click here for Flushing’s welcome, introduction to their remarkable space, overview of the day, and detailed travel and parking hints.  See you soon!

- Andy von Salis

Clerk, NYQM


Our Quarterly Meeting agenda for July 12

Greetings, Friends!

We have an agenda for our meeting in the Prospect Park Cemetery on Saturday.

After worship at 11 and lunch at noon (I’m told we may finish up with a surprising treat!), we will convene at 1:00 p.m. on the lawns to hear what Friends have been doing and decide how we’ll go forward.  You can click on many of these items to read them in advance:

There should be reports from Brooklyn Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting, Flushing Meeting, Manhattan Monthly Meeting, Morningside Meeting and Staten Island Meeting.

There will be selection of additional members to be Trustees.  (See earlier Nominating post.)

We will hear Minutes of Monthly Meetings that bring us matters to consider:  Morningside asks that we respond to the increasingly inhumane facts of solitary confinement as presently practiced, and Brooklyn Meeting asks that we take notice of its concern that our Yearly Meeting uphold Earthcare witness among the Priorities it is deciding.

We expect to consider the annual or quarterly reports of the Housing Committee (Rosehill), the ad hoc “Relationships” Committee, the Cemetery Committee, the Great Lakes (Africa) Education Committee, and our Committee on Ministry & Counsel.

And, looking forward to November, we’ll hear how our preparations are for hosting the Fall Sessions of NY Yearly Meeting in NYC this year.

I look forward to seeing you all, Friends!

- Andy von Salis, Clerk

Quarterly Meeting – worship, picnic, business – July 12!


We will meet in the Friends Cemetery in Prospect Park, Brooklyn (weather permitting) on Saturday, July 12.  There will be fellowship and food, followed by our business together – including a couple of meaty questions about where the Spirit leads us.  How we best invest our funds, given the environmental and peace-building effects of our choices, is one.

We will also consider which of us will be appointed to do our work in our Committees.

Please prepare for the meeting by looking at the left column of this new Nominating roster, which is where you’ll see the proposed new nominees’ names.  Any name that is problematical to Friends should be discussed with a Nominating Committee member well in advance of July 12th, so Nominating can consider what to do.  Thank you!

And please check back here to see periodic updates and reports before the meeting, so they need not be digested “on the fly” when we gather.

- Andy von Salis,  clerk, NYQM