Reports for Consideration on April 20

Friends, there will be interesting business, orderly prepared for your consideration, on Sunday afternoon April 20th at 1:00 pm at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse (just west of Second Avenue in Manhattan).

We will be considering these matters.  You can click for those presentations that are published in advance.  Look again before attending Quarterly Meeting – more come in!

Progress is being made in the relationship among the Quarterly Meeting, Friends Seminary, and the Fifteenth Street Meeting.

Our Trustees will give their annual report; besides updates, new issues include investing our assets without supporting fossil fuel development, better management of projects on our buildings, and another money matter or two that are well-prepared for our efficient action.

Our Ministry & Counsel committee will offer to convene an opportunity for us to hear and discern the social and environmental concerns that arise from how we invest our assets.

Our Audit & Budget Committee will present our annual Audit and interpret our financial health.

A second Flushing Remonstrance will be introduced,  in the spirit of the Flushing Remonstrance of 1658 in our behalf.  Friends will be invited to sign the beautifully rendered document in support of ensuring that surveillance and frisking in New York City respect all people’s privacy and dignity equally.

We will hear news about what Quakers are doing in our local Meetings – Staten Island Meeting, Morningside Meeting, Manhattan Meeting, Flushing Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Brooklyn Meeting.  And the downtown Manhattan outdoor Meeting has plans.

There will be a proposal about the future of our Housing Committee (the Friends we appoint to the Board of Friends House in Rosehill).  There will be a progress report from Friends In The City (the multigenerational, wholesome housing we’ve sponsored in the Bronx).

And we will select Friends to carry forward our work (see Nominating roster below), as well as conform a couple of our committees to serve our current needs.

Bring food to share at noon, and we’ll all fortify ourselves for a worthwhile session!

- Andy von Salis, Clerk

Nominations proposed for our meeting on April 20

Friends, our recently adopted practice is for nominations to be posted here a month before the quarterly meeting for business at which the nominations will be presented for approval.

Since we will meet on Sunday, April 20, at Fifteenth Street meetinghouse, we now have a slate of proposed nominations – they are all in the left column of the roster of our Committee and other appointments.

Please bring any issues with any of the nominations to the Nominating Committee promptly, so they may be considered with ample care and without public embarrassment!  Thank you.

Quarterly Meeting is this Sunday, January 26th!


I couldn’t be more pleased that our NYQM website is back, after required software upgrades have been completed.  While it will take a few days to post all the usual reports and other materials, I am happy to announce:

Everyone is heartily invited to enjoy the hospitality and spirit at Brooklyn meetinghouse, 110 Schermerhorn Street, 11201, on Sunday afternoon January 26th! At 12 noon, we’ll have potluck lunch – please bring food if you can, but be sure to bring yourself to meet the Brooklyn crowd and eat with Friends citywide.  (Fasten your seatbelt if you’re not used to large and lively crowds of Quaker children and earnest young adults.)  Come early, and you’ll experience worship with us at 11:00 am.

At 1:00 p.m.,  we convene the Quarterly Meeting for business in a spirit of worship.  We’ll hear and decide the proposed QM budget for 2014, which includes some new projects.  We’ll hear how we’re all doing, in short reports from the clerks of each Meeting in the Quarter.  We’ll contemplate some inspirational words, re-ground ourselves in some silence, and get an idea of where we’ll head in the coming months.  We’ll make one really specific decision:  Should we change the date of our Spring Quarterly Meeting, which is currently set for Fifteenth Street Meeting on April 20?  (That’s Easter, so we’ve been asked to re-think it.)

Assistant Clerk Ted Ehrhardt and I are looking forward to seeing you all!

-  Andy  von Salis,    Clerk of QM




More for Quarterly Meeting at Morningside, October 27

Please see my post below dated October 5 regarding the Quarterly Meeting.
New and wonderful things are coming to our attention, and the following will be there for us. Click to see the full reports available to date, and look here again soon for more live links to reports:

- The annual report and accomplishments of Friends Seminary, with its financial summaries
- The annual report, accomplishments and financial condition of Brooklyn Friends School
- The annual report of our Educational Fund Committee
- Planning for hosting the NYYM Fall Sessions 2014 here at Fifteenth St
- Latest News and status reports of Brooklyn Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting, Staten Island Meeting, Flushing Meeting, and Manhattan Meeting, and last quarter’s report and the current report of Morningside Meeting
- The periodic report of our large committee, the Ad Hoc Committee of New York Quarterly Meeting on the Relationship between the Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary
- A report from the ad hoc Governance group
- A note from our Ministry & Counsel about their practice of Friendly Presence, upon request, at committee meetings or monthly meetings

. . . and some other items of interest and ideas for our action will also be before us.

– Andy von Salis, Clerk

Fall – Into our Cemetery!

Friends and friends of Friends,

Our next Cemetery workday – a day of food, fellowship, frolicking in the fallen leaves, and plenty of fixing up around the place – is Saturday, November 16th from 10 to 4. Brooklyn Friends School will be contributing the lunch, and we get to meet and work and play with the School’s families. Please join us!
Click here for the details, and here for travel directions/map.
(We have a right-of-way to drive cars in to the Cemetery. But if you haven’t done it before, you may want to ask Friends who’ve been there for more detail than there is in the directions. It’s not exactly obvious how to handle the Do Not Enter and the onrushing bicycles.)

Posted at the request of the Cemetery Committee by Andy von Salis

Ready for Fall — the fall Quarterly Meeting, that is!

YOU are warmly welcomed to join in our quarterly meeting for worship.
That’s all Friends – all members and attenders of Quaker Meetings in New York City – interested in city-wide Friends’ spirit and business. Guests are welcome too.

That Fall meeting is at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, October 27, at Morningside Meeting — that’s the congregation with space in the Tower of Riverside Church in Manhattan. And Yes, there’s quite a view!

It’s best to come for morning worship at 11:00, or at least for potluck lunch promptly at noon.
We find that spending spiritual and social time together makes it easier to move on together into business matters with trust and wisdom. Beverages are provided, and childcare is offered in a nearby space.

The address is 91 Claremont Ave. It’s a six-minute walk from the #1 subway at 116th St. Follow Broadway to 120 St., go west (left) one block, turn right on Claremont to enter the church building, and take the Tower elevator. The building (although not that subway station) is ADA-accessible.

The main attraction is our Schools! The three Friends Schools in New York City enroll about 2,000 students now, and we hear reports in October as to how Quaker values and testimony thrive there. Questions will be welcomed, concerns can be raised, and action may possibly be taken.
We’ll do likewise with the annual reports of our Committees overseeing our Educational (scholarship) Fund and our Downtown Manhattan (outdoor) Allowed Meeting.
And we will also hear brief news from our monthly meetings, and any concerns of other committees.

Watch this webpage for their reports, which I hope to post here using pdf links for you to read and/or print in preparation. Some may appear a couple of days in advance, others a couple of weeks ahead. You’ll see the full Agenda, too.

I also expect to post any planned subway service changes that the MTA might announce on Thursday afternoon the 24th, so your trip can accommodate them.

So, come uptown with your food and your family, and enjoy our fellowship!

- Andy von Salis, Clerk, NYQM

Quarterly Meeting – a quick advance look

In readiness for our quarterly meeting for business on Saturday, July 13 (see post below by scrolling down),
click for an Agenda and advance copies of most of the matters that will be presented for your consideration, which are listed at the end of this announcement. UPDATE: Here are the Minutes of our April 2013 quarterly meeting.

Please return to this site if you want to be sure you have additional late-arriving reports.
And please check here if you are in doubt as to Saturday’s weather! If it is so inclement that we must move the meeting location to the Brooklyn meetinghouse, I expect to post that here by 9:00 a.m. on that day.

- Andy von Salis, Clerk
Reports from our Meetings – Brooklyn, Fifteenth Street, Flushing, Manhattan, Morningside, Staten Island
Consideration of a Minute from Fifteenth Street Meeting on gun safety
Report of our Nominating Committee as to our current committee roster and proposed appointments
Annual report of our Ministry & Counsel Committee
Annual report of our Great Lakes Region (Africa) Education Committee
Annual report of our Cemetery Committee
Quarterly report of the Ad Hoc Committee of New York Quarterly Meeting on the Relationship between the Quarterly Meeting, Fifteenth Street Meeting and Friends Seminary
Consideration of a Minute from Fifteenth Street Meeting on drone warfare
Consideration of a Minute from Brooklyn Meeting on Rainbow Door
Report from the working group on QM Governance